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Enhance IT Management Plans

Cursa Enhance IT plans are designed to enhance your devices performance and health, while proactively monitoring the devices for faults, problems or upcoming failures.

Cursa has researched the latest and greatest technology in monitoring and enhancement tools emerging in the I.T industry, we have designed these systems to monitor and proactively monitor and maintain your systems before you notice a problem

An example of a normal fault would be a windows service fails or stops, Our software notices this fault and uses the following steps to resolve this within seconds of the fault happening ;-


As well as automated service, Cursa monitors dashboards and reports to see re-occurring faults or utilization problems within your network and provides you a network report every quarter that explains and outlines your network’s health, strengths and weaknesses.
• Server uptime
• Backup failures
• Server disk space
• Business continuity Indicators
• Total Managed devices
• Network Health
These reports give you an insight on really what is happening on your network, and as a Cursa Enhance IT Customer you will have annually IT Plan meetings which cover the following:-
• Asset management and replacement machine schedule
• Gives you information about new technologies and if they could improve your business and productivity
• Plan the following years I.T events/goals and milestones

If you are a Enhance Premium or Elite customer, you benefit from unlimited remote support which can be used for as much or as little as you decide. You also benefit from remote patch management which includes anti-virus updates, windows updates, security patches etc. You can also use it to do some of the following:-
• Server management
• User creation
• Firewall, router and network peripheral management
• IIS/SQL/Exchange Management and maintenance
• Resolving problems with desktops, laptops, servers and network peripherals
• Setting up email to phone features
From as little as changing a screen saver to resolving email/server problems, Cursa can do 90% of all work remotely with our next generation remote access software, which keeps your systems secure while allowing all the features of sitting in front of the computer or server.

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